I’m on a mission – to do a 1000 things in London for free (or certainly no more than a tenner). I’m completely independent, but thought it would be fun to work my way through as many of the things as I can from three Time Out books:

  • 1000 things to do in London
  • 1000 things to do in London for under a tenner
  • London Walks (Volume one).

The rules are simple:

  • Is it one of the thousand things to do in the books listed above?
  • Can it be discovered whilst doing one of the 1000 things?
  • Is it dead cheap?

Anyone can enjoy London given loads of cash and time. But given that isn’t the case for most of us, I reckon it is more fun, ingenious, and interesting by far to do it on a budget. The things to do are diverse: some are activities, others are attractions and others are simply interesting objects littering our nation’s capital.

My mission then, is to see, visit or do the 1000 things, and post what I have been able to find out about them, so I can learn more about London, and you can learn with me. I hope you enjoy the journey.


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